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Studying The Insurance Practice Quizzes and Exams Alone Isn’t Enough 

Memorization of the life & health insurance exam questions in your insurance prelicensing course is not a good substitute for the comprehensive knowledge you’ll need to pass your insurance licensing exam. 

We encourage you to learn the concepts of the study content that we provide. Our pre-licensing courses provide you with the extensive information foundation that you’ll need to pass your state insurance exam the first time. It is nearly impossible to predict exactly what questions will be on the exam, so there are no specific questions to memorize. 

State insurance licensing exams are typically written by third-party companies that have an incentive to make the exams as difficult as possible—the more times you take the exam, the more money they make.  

This is why it’s important to enroll in & complete one of our comprehensive prelicensing insurance courses, so that you’re prepared for the insurance exam questions you might encounter on your state insurance exam.

What kind of questions do they ask on the insurance license exam? 

All of the insurance exam questions are multiple-choice (usually 4 choices). There are no fill-ins (no need to memorize) and no essay type questions.  

A multiple-choice insurance exam will usually test heavily on definitions (terminology) and numbers (typically number of days).  

The insurance exam is drawn from a large pool of questions, randomized and delivered one at a time. Therefore it’s crucial to understand the concepts of the reading content. Be prepared for misleading and “tricky” questions especially with those question that use “EXCEPT” at the end of the question.  

Students report that about 1/3 of the exam questions are terminology questions, 1/3 are number/day questions, and 1/3 are questions where you have to apply the knowledge to reason through a practical situation (story problems – usually short). Be on the lookout for additional information in the questions that’s only there to throw you off.

Course Chapter Notes Are Not Meant To Replace Online Studying 

In your insurance pre-licensing course, you will find printable ‘Chapter Notes’. These “notes” are convenient to use for study while you’re offline, however they should not be used as a replacement for the online content & features that in your course. Your insurance pre-licensing course features not only comprehensive reading material, but also chapter quizzes, online flashcards, and a final course exam as well. While the chapter quizzes provide you rationale feedback on your answer after each question/answer, the course final exam will not. The final exam simulates a state insurance exam by not providing immediate feedback per answer and is the same number of questions as your state insurance exam. 

All quizzes and the final exam may be taken an unlimited number of times within your course.

You will find more study and exam tips in your insurance pre-licensing course!